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Ivory J. Simms

She, Her, Hers

Case Western Reserve University

Designing Sustainable Systems

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-The Ph.D. Project – Management Doctoral Student Association

- MCD Academy of Management

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May 31, 2023 at 10:48:42 PM

Research Areas

Food Retail, Food Insecurity, Food Banks, Low-Income Consumers

Ivory J. Simms is a food systems scholar and sustainability expert specializing in environmental, retail, government, and non-profit partnerships.

Ivory is passionate about developing equitable access to nutrient-dense food products. She believes sustainable distribution systems are built at the intersection of public, private, and government partnerships. Ivory leads empirical research assessing the challenges of independent retailers, who serve consumers in food-insecure markets. Additionally, she examines the economic relationship between hunger relief programs, food retail, and the impact on consumer purchase behavior.

With over 20 years of innovative business process and organizational design experience, Ivory partners with environmental, health, and safety leaders to implement sustainable enterprise-wide ESG solutions. Ivory has led teams in the chemical, power, oil and gas, and commercial real estate industries.

Research Methods: Qualitative, Quantitative, Computational Simulation


Dissertation: Are Food Banks Impacting Food Retail? Examining The Relationship Between Hunger Relief Distributions And Retail Transactions In A Local Food Environment

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Teaching Experience

MGMT 201 Contemporary Business and Communication
MGMT 497 Action Learning Project
ORBH 250 Leading People


Mitchell V. Morese Memorial Scholarship, 2021


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