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Robert J. Chico

University of Washington, Seattle

Management and Organization

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Academy of Management
Divisions: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Managerial and Organizational Cognition (MOC), Organizational Behavior (OB), and Research Methods (RM)

Southern Management Association
Midwest Academy of Management
Western Academy of Management

Scholar Profile

Last Updated:

October 20, 2023 at 5:42:22 AM

Research Areas

Primary: Voice, Intersectionality, Leader Identity | Secondary: Allyship, Mentorship, Research Methods

My research focuses on the intersection of voice, intersectionality (gender and race), and leader identity.



Trinh, M. P., Chico, R. J., Reed, R. M. (2023). How fun overcame fear: The gamification of a graduate-level statistics course. Journal of Management Education.

Manuscripts under Review

Mitchell, R. L., Decker, M. W., Chico, R. J., & Lacerenza, C. N. (Proposal under review). “Nurturing the Path: An Integrative Review of Team-Level Factors that Promote Female Leader Outcomes.” Journal of Management.

Research in Progress

Trinh, M. P., van Esch, C., Castillo, E. A., & Chico, R. J. (Writing Stage). “Women’s use of time before and after COVID-19 and impact on career advancement.” Target: Academy of Management Discoveries.

Chico, R. J., Lester, G. V., & Trinh, M. P. (Data Analysis Stage). “Teaching Promotive and Prohibitive Voice Behaviors Using Role-Play: An Experiential Exercise.” Target: Journal of Management Education.

*Chico, R. J. & *Trinh, M. P. (Data Collection Stage). “Motivational factors related to student learning outcomes.” Target: Academy of Management Learning and Education.
* denotes shared authorship

*Keeler, K. R., *Wu, I.-H., Chico, R. J., Barnes, C. M. (Lit Review Stage). “Daily Diary Studies: Review and Future Directions.” Target: Academy of Management Annals.
* denotes shared first authorship

Chico, R. J., Farh, C. I. C., & Wee, E. X. M. (Lit Review Stage). “Understanding the role of power on voice behaviors of historically marginalized employees: A critical review and future research agenda.” Target: Human Relations.

Book Chapter in Preparation

Chico, R. J., Thomas, S. R., Wagadia, T., & Trinh, M. P. (Writing Stage). “Mentoring and Leader Development.” Information Age Publishing.

Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations

Trinh, M. P., Chico, R. J., & Reed, R. M. (August 2023). How fun overcame fear: The gamification of a statistics course. Paper to be presented at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management, Boston, MA.
- Management Education and Development (MED) Division Global Forum Best Paper Award

Chico, R. J. (March 2023). How empowering leaders influence employee voice behaviors: The roles of Sense of Power, Coworker Support, and Psychological Contract Violations. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Western Academy of Management, Reno, NV.

Chico, R. J. & Trinh, M. P. (October 2022). Teaching promotive and prohibitive voice using skits: An experiential exercise. Paper presented (by Robert) at the annual meeting of the Southern Management Association, Little Rock, AR.

Chico, R. J. (October 2022). Leader humility weakens the indirect relationship between prohibitive voice behavior and undesirable employee behaviors via anxiety. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Midwest Academy of Management, Dearborn, MI.

Chico, R. J. (October 2022). Meeting employees’ post-pandemic needs: The importance of empowering employees, being mindful of emotions, and creating a learning culture. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Midwest Academy of Management, Dearborn, MI.

Teaching Experience


Global Forum Best Paper Award, Management Education and Development (MED) Division, Academy of Management Annual Meeting.


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